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Dentures options, procedures, and details.

Dr. Ahmed understands that you value quality dentistry for each of your loved ones. He’ll treat your family as an extension of his own, and he always makes sure that his office is a warm, welcoming place to visit.

“I am a generally nervous person when it comes to dentists; I’ve had bad experiences that truly changed my perceptions of dentistry. Add on pain and discomfort… oof. I don’t look forward to any type of visit; let alone one where I know bad news is afoot. Let me just say, River Park I was probably the best experience I have ever had.”

Ashley S.
River Park Dental patient

Niaz Ahmed DDS – Rocky Hill Dentures Dentist


Cavities, gum disease, and the majority of dental problems can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene habits and regularly visiting the dentist. If damage is already present, these issues can often be treated before they progress into more serious cases. However, in rare instances when the damage is too severe, dentists have no choice but to extract the teeth. Luckily, our River Park Dental team is equipped with the skills and expertise to replace missing teeth with dental prosthetics if needed.

Our practice offers both partial and full dentures to replace missing teeth. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed to learn more about the dentures process and what option may be best for you.

Different types of dentures

Our warm and compassionate dental team understands the impact that tooth loss can have on both your oral and overall health. Missing teeth affect your appearance and self-esteem, but they also have significant effects on your oral cavity:

Affects chewing, biting, and speaking ability.
Affects surrounding teeth.
Causes bone resorption.
Increases the risk of TMJ issues.

We’re delighted to offer a range of treatment options to help patients replace their missing teeth. Removable dentures are often the most affordable and straightforward solution for patients that have lost multiple teeth or full arches of teeth.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are a removable prosthetic device that replaces all missing teeth or an upper or lower arch. They are made of high-quality acrylic, and the upper denture is designed to provide optimal retention.

Dentures are kept in place by suction in the mouth, so the majority of patients use dental adhesives to provide more comfort. However, the retention and stability can be unreliable at times, especially when the dentures don’t fit properly. That’s why we offer patients looking for a more comfortable and long-lasting solution to consider another popular option: implant-retained dentures.


Photo shows an immediate full denture (false teeth).

How can dental implants help retain full dentures?

Also known as implant-supported or snap-in dentures, implant-retained dentures are advanced solutions for patients missing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. It provides countless benefits compared to traditional dentures. Treatment involves using dental implants to drastically improve the stability and longevity of dentures, resulting in a more functional and comfortable experience.

However, it is important to know that not all patients are eligible for dental implants, especially those who have had missing teeth for years. Dental implants require having a sufficient amount of bone tissue in the jaw. Our dentist uses x-rays and 3D technology to assess your bone density to determine if you are a suitable candidate.


Photo shows a partial denture (false teeth).

Partial Dentures

Patients who are missing one or more teeth should think about replacement solutions as soon as possible. This protects your oral health and also preserves your functionality on a day-to-day basis.

Partial dentures are an excellent option for patients who are missing multiple, but not all of their teeth. Our dentist works with you to determine the best course of treatment that preserves your existing healthy teeth as well.

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple teeth at a time. Partial dentures can be entirely acrylic or created from a specialized metal framework that strengthens the denture. The best option depends on how many healthy teeth are remaining in the mouth. Some patients may dislike the idea of wearing a metal prosthetic, but this material has several benefits. For example, the metal is more comfortable and durable than acrylic even though it is thinner.

Partial dentures are easily removable and fit snugly over the teeth to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. The dentures use existing healthy teeth for support in order to achieve more comfort and stability.

Why should I choose partial dentures?

Partial dentures are an affordable and straightforward solution for patients who are missing multiple teeth. Most dental insurance plans cover at least a portion of dentures, so patients often only pay a small out-of-pocket fee if needed. They are one of the most convenient solutions and are easy to care for.

How much do partial dentures cost?

The cost of partial dentures depends largely on how many teeth are missing and the dental insurance a patient is using. Our team is happy to look up your exact insurance benefits and coverage in order to provide a custom quote. At River Park Dental, we’re committed to looking after the health of our patients and strive to make treatment as easy and straightforward as possible.

If you are looking for a convenient solution to address missing teeth, contact our team at River Park Dental. We’ll be more than happy to assess your needs and work with you to find the best option for your unique needs!

Same-Day Extractions and Dentures

Do you need multiple teeth extracted but feel concerned about how your smile will look? Our River Park Dental team has the solution for you. Patients with this concern are excellent candidates for immediate dentures, which are complete dentures placed right after the extractions are completed. Everything occurs in the same session, allowing patients to completely bypass the dreaded period of having a toothless smile, which generally lasts several weeks until their gum tissue is healed.

The process for immediate dentures starts long before the day of the actual extractions. The denture must be ready on the day of extraction, so impressions are taken several weeks in advance in order to prepare. The dental lab creates a model of your teeth and manually removes the extracted teeth to create your custom denture. It’s important to note that your dentures may not perfectly fit due to this process and due to the gums shrinking after healing. Therefore, patients who are interested in immediate dentures need to be willing to get adjustments and replace their dentures as needed in the future.

Video 01:00 | People who have lost their teeth may be at greater risk for other health problems. A study in the Journal of the American Dental Association found that people with full or partial dentures ate fewer fruits and vegetables—foods that are high in vitamins and help prevent cancer and heart disease. Discover what you can do to maintain your dentures—and your overall health.

Full dentures that snap onto implants.

In the past, patients who lost all of their teeth weren’t left with many options. They could either opt for traditional dentures which can be uncomfortable or opt for a full-mouth implant restoration which is extremely pricey and out of budget for many patients.

Here at River Park Dental, we’re proud to offer a convenient treatment that combines the best of both worlds: snap-in dentures. Snap-in dentures have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. They combine the greatest qualities of traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures. Snap-in dentures also prevent bone resorption while providing the stability of a full-mouth restoration without the price tag and time investment.

To start the snap-in dentures process, two to four dental implants are placed along the arch. Once healing is completed, abutments are attached to each of the implants. Once the implants are fully fused with the jawbone four to six months later, Dr. Ahmed takes impressions of your mouth and sends them to a dental lab to create your snap-in dentures. Patients wear temporary acrylic dentures until their final dentures are ready to be fitted.

We invite patients who are interested in this advanced treatment to visit our office for an evaluation. Dr. Ahmed will perform a clinical examination and take 3D images of your mouth to determine if you have enough bone tissue to be a suitable candidate for treatment.

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