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Endodontics (Root Canal)
Root Canal (Endodontics)
Root Canal Procedure, Options & Details

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are used to treat and preserve badly infected teeth. The pulp is the center of the tooth and extends to the roots where the nerve endings and soft tissues are located. When the pulp becomes infected, patients may experience pain, swelling, and even total tooth loss if left untreated. Root canals remove the damaged parts of the tooth, such as the infected roots. In some instances, an antibiotic is also prescribed to simultaneously address the infection. The tooth is then protected with a cap or crown to preserve the appearance and functionality of the tooth.

Many patients associate root canals with pain and discomfort, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to anesthesia and advancements in modern dentistry, root canals are no less comfortable than a simple filling. Over 9 out of 10 root canals are successfully completed, and the majority of treatments last many years or even a lifetime. A restored tooth also blends in with surrounding teeth and is undetectable to the eye.

Am I a candidate for a root canal at River Park Dental?

You may be a candidate for root canal therapy if you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth. A root canal preserves as much of your tooth as possible instead of extracting both the healthy and infected parts of your tooth. To determine if a root canal is right for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed at your earliest convenience.

What should I expect during my root canal treatment with Dr. Niaz Ahmed?

To begin the root canal treatment, Dr. Ahmed will administer a local anesthetic to the area. Once your tooth is numb, he will remove the infected part of your pulp and disinfect the roots. The tooth is then sealed and filled before it is ready to be restored with a custom dental crown.

Video 01:01 | If you’ve had root canal therapy or a surgical root procedure you may have been referred to an Endodontist. Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the pulp and nerves of the tooth. This specialty focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases related to the pulp. Learn more about you can become a specialist in this area of dentistry.

What type of post-treatment care is required after a root canal?

It is normal for teeth to feel sore or inflamed after root canal therapy. They may also be sensitive for a few days after treatment. However, you can resume your normal brushing and flossing habits immediately.

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