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General Dentistry

The Start of Every Healthy Smile

According to the American Dental Association, personalized oral care is a necessity for good dental health. At River Park Dental, we work with you to provide individualized preventive care that is right for you and your family. We offer honest advice and only suggest procedures that will work best for you. As your local dentist in Rocky Hill, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our patients.

Dental Exam and Checkup


Cavities are a common dental health issue, and if they are caught before they turn into bigger problems, it can make a world of difference. At River Park Dental, we are a metal free practice and we fill cavities with composite resin to restore the tooth’s strength and protect against further damage.


If a tooth is badly decayed or damaged, it may need to be pulled. Once we assess the state of your tooth and determine that it should be extracted, we will gently handle the procedure with compassion and care.

Root Canals

If the soft tissue (known as pulp) below the surface of your tooth has become infected with bacteria, a root canal can be an effective way to save the tooth. Modern root canal procedures can be completed in one or two visits, and are similar to a routine filling.

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