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The Benefits Of Metal-Free Dentistry At River Park Dental

In the past, it was common for many dental procedures, such as fillings, to be undertaken with the use of metal compounds, like mercury-amalgam. Dental crowns were also often made from materials such as steel, gold, and other metals.

Today, however, modern dental practices like River Park Dental offer metal-free alternatives for most cosmetic and restorative procedures. While metal-based crowns and fillings are still in use, other options, such as ceramic or porcelain, have become more popular due to their similarities to natural teeth. In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the benefits that these metal-free options provide.

What Is Metal-Free Dentistry?

Unlike many of the traditional dental techniques, which utilize mercury compounds or other metals, modern metal-free dentistry uses advanced compounds and materials, such as porcelain, zirconia, acrylic resin, and even glass, to make dental prosthetics.

While we still can use metal-based crowns for teeth that are further back in the mouth, many patients find that metal-free dentistry delivers better overall results. Let’s take a look at the benefits of metal-free dentistry now.

1. Metal-Free Dentistry Provides More Attractive Results

One of the biggest issues with metal dental treatments, such as fillings and crowns, is that they do not provide a natural or attractive appearance. A gold or steel crown won’t look like a natural tooth, and metal fillings can make the interior of your tooth appear grayish and unattractive. For posterior molars and other hidden teeth, this isn’t a problem, and we still can provide metal crowns if necessary. But for teeth that are more visible, having a filling or crown that does not match the rest of the mouth is often less desirable.

However, composite fillings and porcelain crowns can be matched to the exact color of the surrounding tooth. This means that metal-free dentistry can be used to restore your smile to look just as beautiful as it did before.

2. Dental Composites Are Just As Strong And Long-Lasting As Metal

Porcelain and other ceramic compounds have been found to maintain their size and shape when exposed to hot and cold. Doctors are also finding that less tooth structure needs to be removed when preparing a tooth for a composite filling, resulting in a stronger overall tooth structure.

The same goes for dental crowns. Porcelain crowns have proven to last 15-20 years or longer, as long as they’re properly cared for. They bond more closely with existing tooth structure, reducing the risk of infection or premature failure.

3. Metal-Free Dentistry Reduces The Risk Of Tooth Sensitivity

Many patients who have metal dental work report increased tooth sensitivity. This is because mercury-amalgam and other metals are very good thermal conductors. When they come into contact with hot and cold foods, air, or liquids, they can transmit heat into the tooth structure.

However, alternative non-metal materials, such as acrylic, zirconia, resin, and ceramic porcelain, are much less susceptible to these effects, so they actually can reduce tooth sensitivity when used for dental work.

Get The Best Metal-Free Dental Care In Rocky Hill Today!

Whether you’re in Hartford, Wethersfield, or elsewhere in Connecticut, River Park Dental is the best option for metal-free dental care. We serve patients from all around Rocky Hill with advanced, metal-free dentistry, using the latest techniques.

Dr. Niaz Ahmed is always happy to consult with new patients. Whether you’re thinking about replacing an old metal-amalgam filling, or you need new dental work and are interested in the benefits of metal-free dentistry, contact us today!

Give us a call at 860-785-8496, or come visit our office near Cromwell, Newington, and Berlin at 1111 Cromwell Ave, Suite 203, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.

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